Friday, February 11, 2011

Love love love it!

Yup, it's sideways, but you get the idea :-) This is the gathered clutch pattern from Anna over at Noodlehead and I LOVE it! I had some really pretty scraps left over from a scarf and decided to try one of these and I seriously love it. Next time I would change the orientation of either the zipper or the handle - right now if you were carrying this on your wrist and it was zipped, the zipper would be closed at the bottom, which makes me worry that things might fall out, so that's one tiny change but otherwise this is a great pattern, very easy to follow. I also made the strap a little differently - I hate turning something that long and skinny, but again, personal preference.

Lined in the same pretty green at the strap AND I even made the card- holders for the inside - fancy-schmancy, right? Anyway, I bought the longer pattern which I think was really worth it and I got the hardward for the strap and handle here (sets with 3/4 inch D ring). I can see making a bunch of these to use for gifts - who wouldn't like getting a cutie like this? Well, not exactly like this, because this one is all mine!

Modern Sewing Guild meeting at Whipstitch in Atlanta tomorrow, 9AM to noon - we'd sew love to see you there (oh yes I did)! Just a bunch of girls who like to talk to other girls about sewing and fabric and stuff - how can you beat that? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Is it happening now? Are you there? I thought you couldn't go!


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