Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011 and snowmageddon.

It started snowing last night around 8PM and it came down in fat flakes that collected everywhere with amazing speed. I loved watching the huge lacy flakes as they flew through the street lights. So this was the scene this morning when we woke up, and more freezing rain is falling making a nice shell over all this snow. I don't think we'll be going anywhere today (or maybe even tomorrow from what the weather people are saying). We're pretty well stocked up - except for yogurt (eek! breakfast emergency!) so I think we'll be just fine.
Maybe a little stir crazy but fine.

What are the odds that this wild child entertain herself quietly and completely while I sit and sew? Ah well, a girl can dream. I'll just have to hold on till naptime. Then I'm going to work on the table runner I cut out at the sewing circle/Atlanta Modern Sewing meeting at Whipstitch on Saturday. The colors aren't the most modern but I wanted to use a "practice" fabric before I cut in to my good stuff. Surely I'm not the only one who does a practice run first?

Oh and check out the new bangs on the doodlebug - I cut them myself (thanks Aunt Kristy for the advice on how-to) and I think they turned out pretty well. But then again I think she's just pretty all-around CUTE!!

Here's the start of the table runner - pieces all cut and laid out, ready to go. The original pattern called for 3 of these blocks but since our table is so long I think I'm going to make 5 or 6. The pattern is called Box Lunch Table Runner (seems like a bento box) and it's from the On a Roll Again booklet from Heather Peterson. It's a small booklet but it has some great jelly roll patterns for quilts and a variety of table runners. My goal is to get this finished this week - check back and see how I do!

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