Friday, January 14, 2011

Table runner progress!

Okay so after FIVE snow days (FIVE! - which has NEVER happened in Atlanta before) here's my table runner progress. Top and bottom are pieced and ready to be sandwiched, pinned and quilted. It was kind of torturous to not be able to just sit and sew all day every day this week because it would have been THE most perfect week for that. But a certain small someone was not down with that plan, so I made do sewing during naps or at night. It was the first sewing I've done in the new craft room and it felt AWESOME! As soon as I get this sandwiched I'm going to practice my free-motion quilting on this - just squiggles - nothing fancy but I need all the practice I can get and I figure better to practice on something I'm not in LOVE with. Don't get me wrong, I like this just fine but it's not fabric that's precious to me in any way, so I can practice on it and not feel bad when it looks like a third grader quilted it (no offense to any third graders).

So what have we been up to this icy week trapped indoors? LOTS of baking and in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea to combine all that baking with a week straight of pajama wearing but oh well, too late now! We sorted, flung and bagged up all sorts of goodies, the pantry and spice cupboard have been sorted and rearranged at least a dozen times and we've gone from wobbly walking to almost running. Yesterday we finally got up the nerve to take a walk around the block and didn't fall even once! I'll leave you with my little snuggle-bug all dressed for the COLD - isn't she cute?!

Now, thankfully I can hear the ice melting like rain in the gutters and we're hopeful today is the day we BUST out of this joint! Come on Friday lunch OUT - I'm more than ready for a meal I haven't cooked myself. Next week - a finished table runner and a new crib quilt for the doodlebug!

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  1. I think runner has come out great! I like that design, and all your corners/points look so crisp. Can't wait to see it all quilted!


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