Sunday, January 16, 2011

Started and finished!

Not being a big football fan I was psyched to enjoy a couple of hours of sewing time last night while my dear husband was tortured by the Falcons. I was looking for something that I could start and finish in one evening and Ashley's pillowcases were just the ticket! I love her tutorials, they are always clear, well-photographed and well-written. I actually bought the fabric for these back in November at Whipstitch Fabrics but just got around to making them. It took about an hour and half for both, which was ideal.

Here are the finished cases on the bed, Grace really likes them but of course she has to act all aloof. Typical feline. These pillowcases look great - I love the contrasting trim and cuff. The other nice detail that Ashley includes (and makes really easy) are french seams, which kept these from faring when I threw them in the wash - love that. I LOVED actually finishing something - so often I start things that seem to drag on and on - but this was quick, easy and oh so satisfying! Tomorrow back to the table runner so it doesn't become one of the many UFO's in my life. But tonight sweet dreams on something checked off the list. Aaahh that feels good.


  1. Oh they look lovely! Innocent Crush is such a pretty line, and what a lovely touch for pillowcases. Grace is one lucky cat.

    Stupid Falcons. I should have been sewing instead of watching that game.

  2. Darcy, they look *amazing*! Really! I love how they look on the bed - and the trim looks so even. So nice!!


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