Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun with zippers

Zippers are something I feel like I'm not especially good at, so I decided to practice by making a zipper pouch. I have a large zipper collection (why? who knows) and this was an exceedingly easy project so there may be a few more of these in my near future. I love to have a few around for gifts and pencils and the doodlebug seems to enjoy sorting things into them almost as much as I do.

I used Toni Coward's (of Make it Perfect) zipper pouch tutorial. I didn't do the embroidery or other embellishments this time, just some patchwork for the front piece. This tutorial is well-written and well-photographed and way easy. Seriously took me about 30 minutes to put together (I had already done the patchwork earlier during the day - that was probably another 30 minutes to iron, cut and sew all the pieces to get them ready). And since I finally figured out which foot is the zipper foot (yeah, duh, I know) it was a breeze to put together!

A little quality assurance check by my supervisor - thankfully it passed her inspection. I have literally never had a tougher boss!


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