Friday, December 17, 2010

Back from the black hole...

of MOVING! Geez do I HATE moving, absolutely love the new house, love love LOVE but I really hope to never move again. Seriously. So the husband was gone for a month (work), I turned 40 (whee!), we packed, moved, unpacked AND hosted Thanksgiving dinner in the new place for a dozen family members. I thought getting ready would be the end of me but the holiday was lovely. Such a great space to enjoy family and friends in, we feel thankful and lucky EVERY day!

So here's a doodle bug update: SO BIG! She's walking like a fiend (not that Auntie Jenn will believe it, but I swear it's true!) and into EVERYTHING. ALL the time. Yup, we got a busy one. But she's awesome and we're so lucky!

Glad to be back here, glad life is settling back down and ready to get back to crafting!

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