Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And one more for merry measure!

Yarn wreath number two two - totally different for another crafty friend, this one sews, so sewing for her was out. So I decided to make a little decoration for her sewing room. After a not-so-subtle question about her curtain fabric this was what I came up with. I found a tutorial for felt flowers online and they were fairly easy to whip up - especially since I already owned every color of felt from another project - don't you love when you can just go "shop" in your own closet?! So this is going on a turquoise wall - I think it'll be enough contrast to look beautiful. Hope she likes it as much as I liked making it!

1 comment:

  1. Since this lives in my sewing room now, I feel like I can say with certainty that this is AMAZING! I absolutely love it - and even the hubby commented on how cute it was! Yes, THAT stinkin' cute! Thank you, sweet Darcy!! xoxo


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