Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And one more for merry measure!

Yarn wreath number two two - totally different for another crafty friend, this one sews, so sewing for her was out. So I decided to make a little decoration for her sewing room. After a not-so-subtle question about her curtain fabric this was what I came up with. I found a tutorial for felt flowers online and they were fairly easy to whip up - especially since I already owned every color of felt from another project - don't you love when you can just go "shop" in your own closet?! So this is going on a turquoise wall - I think it'll be enough contrast to look beautiful. Hope she likes it as much as I liked making it!

Holiday Fun

This is the yarn wreath I made for my swap partner in Holiday Traditions Swap. Knowing that she's a knitter I wanted to make something festive and yarn-y for her but I myself am NOT a knitter. Plus it's like that old "don't bake for a baker" type situation, unless you can make something as good or better then try another idea! So I've fallen in love with all the yarn wreaths on etsy and decided to try my hand at making some. I LOVE love how this turned out and heard from my swap partner that she liked it too - yay!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday traditions Swap 2010

This is our tree in the new place, full of new UN-breakable ornaments this year. Which has worked out well since our little elf has really enjoyed taking them off and trying to put them back on *every* day!

She has a few favorites that she checks out every morning, removes, carries around and then re-hangs (with a little help) and yesterday a new ornament came in the mail that she and I instantly fell in love with.

I missed Meg's Holiday Traditions swap last year since the baby was still so small and we were SO tired and I was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to host it this year (for good reason though). I was thrilled when Anie of SweetBug Farm offered to host in her place and signed up right away. Thrilled again when I saw the beautiful things my swap partner, Sonia of Peaceful Knitter whips up.

LOOK at this gorgeous hand-knit ornament! Sonia MADE this! And it's mine, all mine...wheee! I mean, ahem, it's ours for our tree and we LOOOOOVE it :-) I am not a knitter and I was absolutely in awe of all the teeny tiny stitches it took to make this and all so hand-strung beads. There was a perfectly shaped hole on our tree just waiting for this special addition. I love this swap because it connects you with you the coolest people, who are so talented and giving. It reminds you of your own holiday traditions and opens you up to those of others, which are usually more like yours than not. I love exchanging hand-made things and the thoughtfulness (sometimes seemingly hard to find in this season) that comes along with this swap. Thanks Sonia - I love it!

Please go check out Sonia's beautiful blog about knitting, motherhood and like in general AND find a pattern for this fantastic ornament at Peaceful Knitter! And when I know she's received her box I'll share what I made - Happy Holidays!

Back from the black hole...

of MOVING! Geez do I HATE moving, absolutely love the new house, love love LOVE but I really hope to never move again. Seriously. So the husband was gone for a month (work), I turned 40 (whee!), we packed, moved, unpacked AND hosted Thanksgiving dinner in the new place for a dozen family members. I thought getting ready would be the end of me but the holiday was lovely. Such a great space to enjoy family and friends in, we feel thankful and lucky EVERY day!

So here's a doodle bug update: SO BIG! She's walking like a fiend (not that Auntie Jenn will believe it, but I swear it's true!) and into EVERYTHING. ALL the time. Yup, we got a busy one. But she's awesome and we're so lucky!

Glad to be back here, glad life is settling back down and ready to get back to crafting!

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