Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One down!

Doesn't it feel great to actually finish a project every now and then? My pile of UFO's is way too large and I'm trying to be more disciplined about finishing one thing before I start something new - it's not easy but at least I'm working on it, right? So I took my Anna Maria Horner string block and made it into a mini quilt! I added a linen border and more AMH for the outer border. I always have a hard time deciding on the quilting - something in each of the borders and then on the square? An all over pattern? And something that won't detract from the design already created from the piecing. So I decided to use some wonky diagonal lines (much like Ashley from Film in the Fridge did on her AMH string quilt). I love the way the simple quilting doesn't distract at all from the overall design, oh and the fact that it took me about 30 minutes to quilt from start to finish didn't hurt either. So what am I going to use this mini for? I like to get an entire wall of mini quilts going but this one wasn't destined for the wall...

Are You shocked? Horrified? I'm not surprised. But wait! It went from this ridiculous MESS...

TO THIS!!! In the space of one short nap (not mine obviously :-). I think my husband may die of happiness when he gets home tonight! I think it just shows the versatility of mini quilts - they can be beautiful and functional. Oh and that cool tree full of birds? I'd love to say I painted it but it's decal from Target!


  1. Very cute, indeed. I'm not sure my dresser will get that treatment, unless you can find more manly patterns to work with (guns, trucks, footballs, et al).

  2. It feels great to finish a project. It feels even better to pee by myself some days.

    This came out lovely. Very nice job honey!


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