Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mini Quilt Challenge for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild

We had a great AMQG meeting yesterday starting with a yummy breakfast at the West Egg Cafe and then on to Whipstitch - we had several new members join us, who brought *great* work to share! Check the gorgeous work Paige is doing over at Dirt Road Quilts - now if I could get my "studio" as clean and organized as hers :-)

So our first challenge for the AMQG is a mini quilt! Size should be no larger than 24" by 24" - other than that limit please feel free to do whatever inspires you. Some good sources for inspiration are the Whip Up mini Quilt book and the mini quilt month posts from April at Whip Up - if you head over the the blog just search for mini quilts and all the posts from that series will pop up.

Sew Mama Sew also had a mini quilt month back in April. Flickr is an awesome place to search for mini quilt images and the Lark book Pretty Little Mini Quilts can also provide tons of inspiration! Mini quilts are so quick to whip up and such a fun place to try new things that we thought they would be the perfect project for our first group challenge. We have such a TALENTED group that we know it'll be an exciting set of quilts. We're going to complete/present our mini quilts at our September meeting ( SUNDAY 9/12/10, 1pm at Whipstitch). If you have joined our group online but not been to a meeting yet this would be a great time to join us in person with your fabulous mini quilt!

I'm going to be posting progress on my mini quilt(s) and more photos and links for inspiration during the next weeks so please check back and feel free to share your own progress and inspriations!

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