Sunday, July 25, 2010

Be-LATE-d birthday gift

This is one of THE latest birthday gifts ever, but better late than never right? I used a charm pack of Cherish Nature by Deb Strain for Moda that I bought at the Fat Quarter Shop. I guessed on the size, leaving out some of the lighter squares - am I the only one would could endlessly rearrange those squares once they're laid out??

Oh charm squares how you VEX me! Could someone please tell me the secret to getting them to all be the same size after they're sewed?! I sew my seam allowances are as close to same as I can humanly get them but when the rows are sewn together there ALWAYS seems to be at least one row of wonky squares that don't line up AT ALL. What am I doing wrong??? I suspect that in all my rearranging, the grainline of some of the squares aren't all the same and some are getting pulled more than's a theory in progress.

I decided to use a plain brown Kona on the back - I bought it so long ago I'm not sure which one it is and I'm not near my color chart - the front was busy enough that I wanted the solid back to balance it out. I used a natural linen for the binding, which I thought might slip and slide too much for binding but it worked and looked great! I feel like it can even be reversible now and hopefully be even more useful.

Delivered and in use! And look at how I lucked out on the length - couldn't have fit much better if I had had the measurements - yay!
Now I need to get started on the birthday gift list for next year so I can be a little better on my timeliness!

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